As weird, wild and wacky 2021 has been, it hasn't been all bad. 

A major silver lining for me has been spending time with songwriting again. 

In May, we released Mave's Variety: my first full-length album I'm real proud of. 


I love learning about friends who are making art and sharing it with the world.

We're lucky that most of our Niagara circle is made up of artistic people. 

It's a beautiful thing to see the world through their eyes…


If you've never been to Silversmith in Virgil, ON, you're missing out. 

A converted church-turned-brewery with some of Niagara's best beer and food. Seriously.


This was a special show for me.


I've always wanted to play Silversmith on my terms…

Light The Night @ The Cotton Factory

Joe, Drew and I closed out Light The Night at the Cotton Factory this year.

We played inside at the Freight Stage, situated in front of their freight elevator. 

It was great to see the community open up and come…

The Casbah

The Casbah is one of the longest standing music venues in Hamilton. 

It was super cool to play their Songwriter's Night on November 25 with two other local songwriters. 

One of them told me I was like Steve Earle. 


Songwriter's Night - VHC in Welland

When Bob called me to play the Songwriter's Night at the Vegan Hippie Chick in Welland I was hiking in Trinity, Newfoundland. I was surprised I had cell reception from where we were. It's funny - I had just been…

Angie's Blues - Music Video

Our dear friend, Angie Sbrocchi, was the inspiration behind 'Mave's Variety'. 

Faced with a terminal illness, Angie encouraged us to "just keep making art".


"Angie's Blues" is a song about artistic qualities: introspection, analysis, contemplation, seeking passion, etc.

It's also…

Camp Cataract Gig

Camp Cataract - August 25, 2021

w/ Joel van Vliet and Laurel & Hulley


It felt really good to play music on such an inspiring stage a few weeks ago in Niagara. 

Camp Cataract feels like a camping lodge in…

Album Review

I've had fun doing some local press (Niagara Falls Review, CFMU 93.3FM, The Hawk 101.5FM, etc) since the album was released but an album review from good friend/fellow musician, CD Onofrio, really made my heart smile today.

Check it out:

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks for tuning in last night,

to find out what happened,

when this group got together, 

rehearsed once, 

then decided to make an album,

in a day and-a-half,

during a global pandemic. 


It was sure nice to see friends connecting…

Album Release Party!

Hey Everyone!

On Thursday May 20th we're going to host an Album Release Party here on the website at 8pm. 

We'll be streaming 'Mave's Variety' from front-to-back, the way albums are intended to be played. :)

We also have some…

Album Pre-Sale

"A little more love, a lot more peace. It's never too late to do what your heart says!" - Roll With The Punches


You can pre-order my new album, 'Mave's Variety', on my website.

I'm donating $2 from…

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